Sugarbush – A Gem in Vermont

It’s hard to believe I found another mountain about an hour away from Ludlow that I have never skied – Sugarbush!  Cross it off the list – I’ve been there in 2013!!

We took a nice ride directly up Route 100 and decided to spend the night and enjoy the evening before heading out to ski the next day.  We booked a room at the Waitsfield Inn in Waitsfield VT about 5 miles from Sugarbush.  The Inn is a cute New England Inn between Mad River Glen and Sugarbush.  It’s small – 12 rooms with private baths and as often is the case with a New England Inn – no TV or Internet – part of the charm!  Breakfast was very earthy-crunchy-healthy and very tasty and good for us!  The managing innkeepers are from California and love their new home in Vermont.

Our plan for dinner was a restaurant on the access road to Sugarbush called Terra Rosa.   We had reservations, which I recommend but this Saturday night proved exceptionally busy so we positioned ourselves at the bar for dinner.  Our Bartender “T” was a happy soul who didn’t let the pressure of the busy night keep her from enjoying the clientele.  The restaurant has a warm ambiance with a pizza oven in the center of the room.  Our food was awesome, there were fabulous, eclectic choices and we enjoyed our experience.  My friend and the owner of Terra Rosa, Mike Kelly had worked together in the past.  He provided us with some entertaining stories that I certainly hadn’t heard before!

The next morning we arose eager to ski Sugarbush.  With a bluebird sky and New England chill in the air we valet parked and went into nice open locker facilities to gear up.  If you follow my blog, you know that this princess is very fond of a ski in/ski out arrangement when travelling overnight.  On my miss-list:  parking in a lot and being bussed to the base, being loaded onto a cattle bus (non-enclosed), carrying my equipment more than 50 feet – I don’t think I need to go on!  I’m happy to report that $20 got me valet parking in a garage – with a warm car at the end of the ski day.  Definitely a nice touch!

First stop was to hit the Lincoln Peak via the gondola.  I rushed to disembark and grab my skis and get out of the way for others to do the same – trying not to panic that I wouldn’t get them in time for the downhill ride!  Have you ever felt that panic??  Ha!  Really appreciated the Gondola Service Staff at Loon!  What a prima-donna I could be if every ski area let me!

My favorite thought on any peak is that I am on top of the world.  That initial experience on every mountain makes me feel that way when the views are spectacular.  We began taking intermediate and expert runs enjoying the pitch of the mountain.  It was early so crowds were not a problem.  Lincoln’s Peak is at 3,975 above sea level with a 2,400 foot vertical.  Castlerock Peak has a few more expert trails but on this day not all were open due to snow conditions.  A reason to return!

We missed Mt. Ellen because the lift wasn’t running but I found a run on the North Lynx Peek that I absolutely fell in love with – under the Gate House Express Quad!  It starts out as a nice cruiser and it is a surprise when quickly there are signs for experts only.  Its pitch is great and the terrain is fabulous allowing you to gain speed and enjoy cruising, perfect equal turns and the love of the ski!

It was an awesome day of skiing!  The crowds began to arrive at 11 so we capped off our trip with lunch at the Timbers Restaurant.  Definitely worth a trip back!

Until next time – Cammy

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