Having a goal!

What can sixty for sixty possibly mean? 

It means life, it means health and it means excitement…..living a healthy and exciting life no matter how old you are.  How do you do that?  For me – you have a goal and set a plan.

Everyone has a passion for something and mine is downhill skiing.  I love winter, I love snow and believe it or not I like the feel of getting locked into a pair of ski boots – pure cement on feet, my friends tell me.  They don’t have the same level of passion which is understandable.  I love the feel of the wind on my face and the speed of “swooshing” down the mountains.  I love the challenge of deep snow, moguls and the joy of “skeasy” groomed trails.  Reality is wisdom and as I grow older I wear a helmet when I ski and avoid tree runs.

So with a passion for skiing I wanted to make sure I maximized my love for the sport and kept myself in shape to enjoy life and my passion for a long time.  As such, sixty new ski areas by my sixtieth birthday was born.  I planned six new ski areas a year for ten years.  A long term goal that is just full of excitement! 

With this goal in mind – I became more of my old self.  Travel and skiing locations that have been former Olympic sites has made the plan that much more exciting!  Why all this planning?  After many years of marriage I found myself single.  Being single gives you an opportunity to redefine yourself and grasp life as a means of overcoming the pain of a lost spouse – from divorce or otherwise.  Living is a choice!

So I am two years into my plan and want to share with you the places I’ve been and the accomplishments toward my goal:

  • Trois Vallees – Val Thorens, Maribel, Courcheval – France
  • Stowe, Vermont
  • Mont Ste. Anne – Quebec, Canada
  • Le Masif – Quebec, Canada
  • Zermatt – Switzerland
  • Cervinia – Italy

I welcome all of you to share your experiences with me or join me as I travel these next eight years!  Contact me at cammy@skisixtyforsixty.com.  Come join me in my quest for SIXTY FOR SIXTY!!

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