A Skiing injury WILL NOT slow me down!

Talk about waiting until the last minute to write this month’s blog!

As you know from Thanksgiving to the end of the year it is quite a rat race between all the visiting, eating, exercising to keep the pounds off, gift buying, holiday card mailing and whatever else we all do in the holiday season.  Well, I added a little more to all that.  I had knee surgery.

Two years ago I was hit by a snowboarder and suffered some knee damage.  I was able to keep that injury from worsening through cortisone shots – most importantly, I was able to ski.  For some reason this year the cortisone shot at the beginning of the season lasted one week and the pain and knee locking got significantly worse.  Knowing Chamonix is around the corner in February and I have 6 ski areas to get in this season I committed to arthroscopic knee repair on December 27th.

So luckily for me but not my fellow skiers, this season did not start well.  Okemo, the mountain having the most snow this season, had to blow snow just to open for the Holiday week crowd.  I hear the conditions are icy and the crowds thick after ten in the morning….so I am in a good place for recovery.  My Orthopedic Surgeon promised that I will be on the slopes by the end of January and ready for the trip in February.  Ah, the beauty of modern medicine and rehab!

Well, it is a short note today as I won’t bore you with the cycling and leg work requirements to get the leg and knee in shape.  Here is hoping that you help make this New Year a safe skiing and riding season!

Happy New Year!


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