A New Pair of Skis – Does Brand Loyalty give you what you need and want?

Wow, where does the time go?  October came and went – with NO Blog from me – but with Vermont in full recovery mode from Hurricane Irene.  The fall leaves left much to be desired in their muted tones as work crews feverishly repaired roads washed away from the storm and businesses tore out water logged walls and went into full renovation mode in preparation for another ski season…and then came November!

Here we are in November and the season begins with a freak storm at the end of October which left heaps of snow in New york, New Jersey and Connecticut and six to ten inches at the higher elevations at the Vermont Ski areas.  Personally, since I wasn’t skiing I was able to make snow angels at my house!

Tradition prevailed and Killington opened first with the usual terrain.  Warm weather is making everyone anxious for opening day at Okemo, Stratton and Bromley.  Good news though – cold weather has arrived and the snow guns are running…ah!  The Sweet sound of the generators!

So having time to sit by the fire and get excited for another ski season, I was thinking about what would interest my blog followers.  I realized while I am not an expert on the technology of skis, I have something important to say about ski selection.  FORGET BRAND LOYALTY!  And I say that with conviction!

I once was a brand-loyal consumer.  After my strong start on a Sears ski package, I had a towering pair of Fischer’s (remember those days?), and found a pair of Rossignol skis that I fell in love with.  That led to a decade long relationship with Rossignols. (They ARE French!) My friends repeatedly suggested other brands; I even loved the Rossi “women’s ski” , and always gravitated back to Rossi’s after a demo day at the mountain.

And then it happened!

Another knee injury, a few added years and I realized that I needed to pay attention to other skis out there that might work better for me.  After demoing many brands such as Solomon, K2, Rossignol and Kastle – voila!

I fell in love with the Kastle ski!  These flexible, wide-under-foot, wood core skis – were perfect for me!  While I was demoing, my friends said they made me a better skier…and the wood core doesn’t vibrate like other material does and I felt like I was floating – not fighting some of the “snow inconsistencies” we deal with here in Vermont!

So how excited was I?  Immediately I went right to The Boot Pro (you remember Shon from my September blog) and purchased a pair.

I want to encourage everyone to demo – get out of your brand comfort zone and see what is new and different in ski technology.  Or maybe you’ll find older technology (wood core) that works for you and makes your skiing better and more fun!

I plan to try out the new Elan.  There is actually a right and a left ski with a rocker-edge technology to help in certain types of snow.  If you flip feet, it has another purpose getting you through some different snow.  David Bowyer, PSIA ski instructor at Okemo and Elan rep is a source of info on these.  If you are intrigued, send him an email for more information at david@bowyermarketing.com.  I am definitely interested in demoing them this season.

Sometimes the best technology for you is not with your preferred brand.  Sometimes the best technology for YOU is technology that has been around for a long time.  We all want to be the best skiers we can be – so take advantage of demo days at your local mountain.

Here is to another great ski-season!  Until next time, Cammy



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